7 Amenities Texas Renters Can’t Resist

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7 Texas Amenities Bigham Associates

The rental industry is competitive. You might find several properties similar to yours in your neighborhood. Though your properties might be in the same area, you want to make sure to set your rental apart from the others!

Marketing and crafting the best property listings can only go so far. What you need to do to stand out is provide top-rate amenities to your renters.

As a first-time landlord, you may be wondering what you can do to make your property more appealing. Here are some of the most in-demand amenities that renters are looking for in Texas:

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1.  Parking

Parking is essential, especially if the rental is located far from the city center. Commuting to work, one would need a private vehicle. Now, that vehicle needs a space to be protected from the outside elements. It can be frustrating for renters to rely on luck to find a parking space each time they arrive home. When they have guests coming over, a parking space is also a necessity.

As a landlord, find a way to include a parking space, garage or assigned parking for your renters. Then make sure to list that on top when you’re advertising your rental. In Texas, the extreme temperatures of hot weather and rainy season means that protective covering for vehicles will be practical.

2.  In-Unit Storage

Renters are bound to find your rental impressive when there is plenty of built-in storage such as walk-in closets, kitchen shelves, and pantries. Families, especially, would enjoy having adequate spaces to keep their belongings. It can be expensive to purchase storage containers and more dressers. Installing one also takes time and a great deal of effort.

The good thing about storage space as an amenity is it’s easy for a landlord to install in the rental unit. Ready closets will be welcomed and are bound to make renters happy. In fact, it can also help them stay longer in your Texas rental space.

3.  Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces are appealing to renters since they’re seen as areas for relaxation. You can add a patio and grilling area. This can double as an entertainment space. If your target market is families, you can install a playground set or basketball hoop. Balconies, sitting areas, and yards are attractive since they expand the space and allow renters to garden and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

Properties with pools, tennis courts, and fire pits tend to fetch a higher rental rate. Just make sure that you keep up with the landscaping in your Texas rental home. This elevates your curb appeal. You can also include swings and hammocks to offer a resting area if you have trees in your rental lot. Enhancing the atmosphere of the place can also be done by using bright outdoor LED bulbs.

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4.  Washer & Dryer

Even if laundromats are popular, having your own in-house washer and dryer means saving a trip. This amenity will stand out from other rentals in Texas since not all properties have ready ones for renters.

Study the different washers and dryers in the market. Choose energy-efficient ones. Some renters may also have their own washer and dryer, but this is convenient for those who don’t have their own. It’s easier to do the laundry in your own home than carrying them in from the laundromat.

5.  Updated Kitchens

Common home renovations are typically focused on kitchens. Renters value modern styles and nothing looks better than having a chic kitchen with granite countertops. Stainless steel appliances also enhance the kitchen with their luxurious look. Both are high quality and make cleaning efficient.

Granite countertops and stainless appliances don’t come cheap. But they’re cheaper in the long run since replacement and repair are kept to a minimum. These elegant amenities are dual purpose. They’re eye-catching and functional. Thus, serving your renters well for a long time.

6.  Security

Safety is a priority and one a landlord must never take lightly. Renters often appreciate gated access, alarm systems, and security cameras. It’s relieving to know that intruders will be kept at bay. You can also provide an access card where outsiders can’t get through an auto-lock door.

Always check the safety laws in Texas to remain compliant with the standards. Conduct frequent inspections and test the motion sensors, alarms, and locks from time to time. This helps in reassuring renters that you treat their safety as a matter of prime concern.

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7.  Flexible Pet Policies

For renters who own pets, finding a rental that they like can be challenging since a lot of landlords do not allow pets. If you have a good location in Texas, wonderful amenities, and accommodate pet owners, you’ll attract a good number of prospects. Pet-friendly rentals are rare so there’s little competition.

Landlords can be nervous about allowing pets given the inherent issues. But if you prepare well and have contingency plans, you’ll gain a bigger market pool and increase your ROI. Moreover, you can collect pet rent and even find yourself with long-term tenants.

Design your rental to be pet-friendly. You can have pet facilities where tenants can wash their pets. This will definitely draw more interest to your Texas rental unit. You can use more durable materials in your home to make them last longer such as tiles and hardwood flooring. It prevents the appearance of scratch marks that pets can leave.

Final Thoughts

To serve the best amenities to your tenants, find out the primary needs of your chosen demographics. You can then adjust the features you offer to promote quality living in your Texas property. Always look for value and when performing upgrades, remember to consider those that matter to your renters for the long term. This focus leads to reduced vacancies and more rental earnings.

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