Why Hire Us?

Benefits of Professional Property Management Services

If you’re reading this you know that owning rental property is a great strategy for building long-term wealth. 

And it’s true, investing in real estate can be a lucrative venture. However, being a landlord isn’t for everyone. It requires a lot of time and experience to properly manage a property.

Did you know that most self-managed properties don’t generate as much profit as they could because of common landlord mistakes?

Poorly managed properties can result in avoidable losses and low profits. That’s not something that anyone wants when it comes for their real estate investment.

By hiring a reliable, and reputable property management company, like Bigham & Associates, you can protect yourself against these inconveniences.

At Bigham & Associates, we are committed to helping you realize your investment goals. We are here to use our experience and tools to boost your rental income so you can achieve your objectives.

Keep on reading to learn more about specific reasons why you should hire Bigham & Associates to manage and maximize the potential of your Austin, TX rental property.

Strategic Rental Pricing

Rental Rate Data

Setting the right amount for rent is not something that you should (or can) guess.

Knowing how to calculate and set the right rent price is the difference between an empty rental unit and one that is occupied and generating rental income. 

Unfortunately, not many landlords and owners understand how rental prices are determined. This results in overcharging or undercharging your prospective tenants. 

  • Overcharging tenants means little to no tenants and can lead to vacancies. 
  • While undercharging tenants can mean earning less than what you should.

At Bigham & Associates, we use a variety of techniques and strategies to accurately determine a competitive rental price so your wallet doesn’t have to lose out on the guessing game.

Marketing Your Property

A vacant property means that you won’t get income at the end of the month.

A way to combat these losses is to use effective marketing tactics to attract desirable tenants. This takes experience and strategy that some landlords know little about or don’t have the time to figure out.

That’s why the team at Bigham & Associates is here to help. By using our vast business experience and powerful advertising tools, we will market your property, so you won’t have to worry about it staying profitable. 

It is one of the many ways that we make sure that you get the right tenants to your property as soon as possible.

Rental Payment Collection

Online Rent Payments

Tired of playing hide and seek with your tenants when their rent is due? 

Following up on rental payments can be stressful and time-consuming; especially if you’re dealing with more than a couple of tenants. 

If you lack the time or patience for rent follow-ups, chances are high that some tenants could fail to pay and disrupt your rental cash flow. 

We know that rent is the lifeblood of any rental. Let us take care of this chore for you. We use a digital rent collection method that is effective, trustworthy and easy for the tenants to use.

Tenant Screening 

With our years of experience in the industry, we interact with tenants on a daily basis. 

Screening tenants is an important part of the renting process. Failing to screen tenants sets you up for avoidable pitfalls like late rent and legal issues relating to evictions.

That’s why we perform a thorough screening and perform extensive background checks. We make sure that the tenant occupying your property is responsible and reliable. 

We do extensive background checks including credit, employment, criminal, and references from previous landlords and employers.

Repairs and Maintenance

Getting an emergency repair request in the middle of the night is something that not many people want to ever have to deal with. Especially not if it happens on a regular basis. 

Not only will we help you find good tenants, but we will also take care of the repairs and maintenance of your investment property. 

We want to make sure that your tenants are safe and happy. When they are happy, you are happy as well.

Compliance with Laws

Lease Agreement

There are numerous laws that govern and regulate your Austin, Texas investment property.

If you lack knowledge about applicable city, state, and federal housing laws, you could face severe penalties and fines for non-compliance. 

At Bigham & Associates, we know that understanding these laws is important to a successful rental business. If you don’t know anything about these laws, don’t worry. 

We have the necessary experience and knowledge to keep you covered. Our team keeps an eye on any developments that might affect your property, while consistently abiding existing legislation.

Vendor Services

We have been fortunate enough to have been able to build a vast network of vendors throughout the years. 

We have great partnerships with various local vendors who offer excellent repair and maintenance services for our managed properties. 

We have built a network of licensed suppliers, contractors, and workers who are well trained and experienced in their field. 

Through these partnerships, we are able to consistently keep your property in pristine condition without exorbitant costs. 

Tenant Relations

During the lease period, there will be many issues that will come up and need your attention. 

Our Bigham& Associates team works hard to ensure that your tenants remain comfortable and happy throughout their time occupying your property. 

A good landlord-tenant relationship is important if you want to maintain tenants for a lengthy period of time. When a good relationship is in place, it reduces the turnover rate, so you don’t have to worry about the losses associated with vacancies.

Time-Saving Services

Are you spending more time managing your properties than enjoying your passive income?

It might be the right time for you to look for a professional management company to take care of your property and its needs. 

Doing so frees up your schedule, allowing you to attend to your other responsibilities and activities.

Transparent Management Process

At Bigham & Associates, we pride ourselves on our transparent process and approach that lets you check and verify every detail of how your property is being managed in the convenience of your home.

If you’ve been looking for an experienced and top-rated Texas property management company, you have come to the right place.

View our management services to find out more!

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