How to Write a Good Property Listing

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writing a property listing

As a strategic vehicle for marketing, a good property listing can fan interest from potential tenants. It pays to know how to construct one that will elicit curiosity. To be effective at advertising, you need to create detailed and appealing property listings. 

The good news is, it’s not as intimidating as you think. By following some simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to capturing your target market’s attention. This post will list details to remember when crafting an engaging property listing.

Grab a Pen and Note the Basics

Start by writing down the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your rental home. Whether you’re trying to attract young professionals or families, they will want to know how many rooms your rental space has.

Learn to Write an Excellent Property Listing Headline

Headlines are no places for vague wording. Specific details are suitable in crafting headlines for property listings. You can start by mentioning how many bathrooms and bedrooms your property contains.

You can also mention your property type. Is it a studio condo unit, townhome, or a single-family home? Lastly, mention the neighborhood or exact area. The more specific, the better you can filter the interested prospects.

creating a listing

Mention Rent Prices

Indicate the rent price of your Austin, TX property so only those who are open to paying that monthly rate will contact you. You only want to entertain qualified leads.

If there are other fees to pay such as HOA fees, move-in charges, security deposit, and parking costs, it’s best to be transparent about it.

Be Clear in Your Property Description

While you’re writing the rental description in your listing, think about the vital information you want to include. Too much information can be overwhelming and can dissuade prospects. Too little information meanwhile can leave the reader wanting more.

Some of the things to keep in mind while writing the property description:

Features that Make Your Rental Unique 

This part can promote the location of the rental, top amenities, or architectural style. You can also mention the neighborhood amenities and conveniences.

Mention Information Regarding the Lease

If you already have set terms for your lease agreement it’s important the mention those. For instance, are you open to month-to-month renting or do you require a fixed 12-month rental period? It’s also good to be upfront about your pet policy to set expectations.

Be Careful When Creating Descriptions

Being more detailed and specific helps the prospects envision the rental place. So light up their imagination by using detailed and vibrant words for your rental description. You can mention schools, nearby attractions, transportation options, and popular landmarks.

knowing the laws when making listings

Be Mindful of the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA)

When scribbling a property listing, pay attention to your wording to keep yourself from committing an FHA violation. It’s important to study the FHA before releasing your property listing to the public sphere.

For instance, you can’t be picky about accepting a particular group as your renter by stating something like “only Asian renters are welcomed”. You must also avoid discriminating based on familial status by mentioning “singles are preferred”.

Find Time to Review and Edit Your Listing

Since property listings are instruments in attracting quality tenants, you need to make sure that it’s done properly. Be ruthless when editing your rental property description. 

Review it over and over. Keep an eye on the grammar and spelling and ensure that your use of punctuation marks is appropriate. For instance, avoid going overboard with exclamation points.

Once you finish creating your property description, leave it for a while. You want to return with a fresher perspective to spot some errors. 

You can also improve it by reading aloud what you wrote. Hearing the words can often inform you as to whether or not a certain turn of phrase sounds awkward. Finally, if possible, have a real estate professional or a marketing expert review it.

photography for your rental

Don’t Forget to Attach Images

Great photos and well-written words make a perfect pair. One enhances the other. The text provides valuable information about the property and surrounding areas while the image allows prospects to imagine themselves in the space.

Here are some tips to capture wonderful photos:

  • Clean your Texas rental property. Any appearance of clutter or dirt in an image turns a prospect off.
  • Let natural light in by throwing open the windows of the rental.
  • Be aware of the reflections that the mirror produces.
  • Try to take shots during the golden hour. This is either after sunrise or before sunset.
  • Vary your photos by experimenting with diverse angles. Go for closeup, medium, and wide shots.

Produce around 10-15 images for the property listing. Too few can be limiting while too many can be overstimulating. You can also include exterior images from the front and backyard lot to the neighborhood streets.

Prepare a Video

Even if photos give prospects an idea of the physical look of the rental property, a video is also a wonderful addition. People are naturally curious to watch video clips and some prefer to watch them for their dynamic element. 

Inquiries also tend to increase as a result of video marketing. Just make sure to include your contact details to make it easier for interested parties to contact you.


When writing a property listing it’s important to provide prospects with as many details about the property as possible. By adding photos and videos you can increase your chances of drawing in quality tenants and generate more buzz for your rental. 

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