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Searching for the most qualified property management company in Travis County, Texas?

Bigham & Associates can provide the highest standard of property management services in the Austin area. As a full-service property management company, we’re dedicated to maintaining your property investment and helping it thrive.

We know the rental market in the Travis County area better than anyone. We’ll work to ensure your units are filled with quality tenants who will respect your properties. Our extensive knowledge and experience in property management and real estate will help make potentially difficult tasks like rent collection and maintenance a real breeze.

When you choose Bigham & Associates, you’ll be choosing peace of mind. You’ll be able to contact us for assistance at any time. We know what it takes to get your property running at its full capacity. We can help you ensure its maximum profitability and reliability.

Our Travis County Property Management Services

When property owners try to manage their own properties, they’re often caught off guard. The sheer number of tasks that need to be taken care of can be daunting. If these tasks aren’t handled in an organized and prompt fashion, they can pile up and become quite a real headache.

The advantage of turning to an expert property management company is that we have real experience in ensuring rental properties are in the best position to succeed.

Read on to learn more about the property management tools and services that we equip all our clients with.

Marketing Your Units

All rental property owners in the Austin area know that there’s no bigger problem than vacancies. When your property sits unoccupied, you’ll still be on the hook for maintenance costs, taxes and more. At the same time, you wouldn’t be generating the rental income a successful investment requires. Filling a home and keeping it filled is crucial.

marketing your units

We can get your listings in contact with reliable renters who call the Austin area home. Our time-honed marketing strategies will give you a real advantage over competing listings in the area. Our strategies for marketing your units include:

  • Placing your units on the rental websites that potential tenants search most
  • Using physical rental advertisement signage for tenants who prefer to search in person
  • Distributing pamphlets and other promotional materials

Effective marketing is based on pinpointing and highlighting the aspects of your property that stand out in the market. At Bigham & Associates, we’re experts in getting your property looking its best and presenting it to a high number of local searchers.

Screening Potential Tenants

There may be no trickier part of property management than picking tenants. Everyone has heard the horror stories of tenants who do not respect their rental units, causing damage. Even worse are those tenants who violate their lease terms, or fail to vacate the property.

screening potential tenants

Effective screening of potential tenants can help you avoid a long list of negative tenant experiences. The more rigorous and comprehensive the screening process is, the higher the likelihood of finding tenants who have a history of paying rent on time and respecting their home.

Our comprehensive process for verifying tenant backgrounds includes:

  • Criminal record check
  • Credit check
  • Tenant’s eviction history
  • Tenant’s prior conduct
  • Income check
  • Employment history check

Screening your potential renters using these checks is a great way to help ensure that many of the problems that plague inexperienced property owners never arise in the first place, helping tenancies last.

Collecting Rental Income

While the collection of rent may sound like one of the easier aspects of property management, it can be time-consuming and stressful if not handled correctly. We’ve already mentioned the importance of consistent, fluid rental income for the success of any rental property investment.

The key to successful rent collection is in providing tenants with multiple easy options for the method of their payments. We provide a simple online option for tenants. This offers the benefit of tenants being able to make payments with ease at any time, and contact us if problems emerge.

Another important aspect of rental collection is stipulating and enforcing the terms of late or missing payments. Our detailed leases are tailored to conditions in the Austin area, and clearly explain the consequences of rent payment problems. That means that if any problems emerge, we are able to easily remedy matters.

Maintaining Your Units

Keeping your rental property in the best possible shape is the last thing you should neglect. It has a real ripple effect that impacts every aspect of your investment, especially if you own an apartment building. That’s why the property management experts at Bigham & Associates we believe that the best defence is a good offence.

We conduct regular inspections of all properties to catch tenant damage and wear and tear issues before they emerge. This can help to prevent minor issues from escalating into costly problems

We have relationships with local contractors in Austin and all over Travis County. Because we provide these contractors with a high volume of maintenance orders, they return the favor by offering great rates. We pass the savings on to you, which is one method we use of keeping maintenance costs low.

You can communicate to tenants that they’re being taken care of by ensuring their home is well maintained. This will enhance your landlord and tenant relationship, leading to less frequent turnover.

Providing Detailed Financial Reports

When you choose Bigham & Associates to manage your rental properties, you’ll be choosing peace of mind, knowing that your valued investment is in capable, experienced hands. But you’ll certainly still want to keep a close eye on exactly how your investment is performing, at your convenience.

detailed financial reports

That’s why we’ll always keep your updated with all the financial records and reports that pertain to how your investment is doing. We’ll provide you with an online portal that will list all your financial activities.

In your online portal, you’ll be able to see a list of your payment statements, your ledger, balance sheets, and more, which can be a real help around tax time. Best of all, it’s available for you to check whenever fits your busy schedule.

About Travis County, Texas

Travis County has the fifth biggest population of any county in Texas, with over a million residents. Its biggest city and county seat is Austin, TX, but there are a number of other smaller cities and towns in Travis County with exciting rental markets.

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Travis County is in south central Texas, in between Dallas and San Antonio. There is a diverse range of geographical styles in the county, and the Colorado River runs east to west through the county, which also features multiple lakes.

There are plenty of employment opportunities to be found in Austin, TX and elsewhere in Travis County. The major employers in the area are the government and public education.

Travis County is known for having some of the highest property taxes in the country. This is partially because the state of Texas doesn’t have income taxes. Navigating these higher-than-average property taxes is another way that you can benefit from an experienced property manager.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

At Bigham & Associates, we extend our professional property management services to these areas: Austin, Buda, Cedar Park, Del Valle, Georgetown, Hutto, Kyle, Manor, Pflugerville, Hays County and Round Rock.

Contact us by phone or online to discuss the ways our property management services can help your Travis County real estate investment succeed. You can contact us by phone by calling (512) 339-8112, write us an email, or come see us in person at our office.