Our Property Management Fees

Upfront Pricing- No Hidden Fees Leasing Only Property Management Services
Monthly Management Fee No Monthly Fee 8%
Tenant Placement Fee 100% of 1 Month’s Rent
No Set-Up Fees
75% of 1 Month’s Rent
No Set-Up Fees
Tenant Broker/Co-op Fee 35% of 1 Month’s Rent
(Paid from tenant placement fee)
35% of 1 Month’s Rent
(Paid from tenant placement fee)
Property Evaluations Included Included
Professional Rent Assessment Included Included
Extensive Advertising Marketing Plan Included Included
Quality Property Photos Included Included
Video Property Tour $125 Included
360ᵒ Property Tour $175 $175
Finding and Screening Qualified Tenants Included Included
Screening All Animals Included Included
Comprehensive Owner Updates During Marketing Included Included
Full Legal Compliance Included Included
Lease Preparation with Electronic Lease Signing Included Included
Rent Collection Not Included Included
Convenient Rent Payments Options Not Included Included
Direct Deposit of Rental Proceeds Not Included Included
Property Accounting and Reporting Not Included Included
Detailed monthly statements, annual reports, and IRS – compliant reporting Not Included Included
Owner Online Portal Access Not Included Included
Tenant Online Portal Access Not Included Included
Property Maintenance Not Included Included
Coordinate Property Improvements Not Included Included
Utility Coordination Not Included Included
24/7 Emergency Hotline Not Included Included
HVAC Filter Program Not Included Included
$100,000 Tenant Liability Insurance Not Included Included
Eviction Process Handling Not Included Included
Tenant Move-Out and Security Disposition Not Included Included
Two-Step Lease Renewal Fee Not Included Condition Report $75
Lease Renewal $75
Move-in & Move-Out Condition Report With Pictures $125 Included
Tenant Occupied Property Condition Report With Pictures Not Included $75/Each
Home Warranty Coordination Fee Not Included Included
Insurance Claim Handling/Oversight Fee Not Included Included
Satisfaction Guarantee Not Included Included
Leasing Fee Guarantee Not Included Included
Eviction Guarantee Not Included Included
Response Guarantee Not Included Included

Breakdown of our Services

Monthly Management Fee – This fee is based on a percentage of collected rent and covers the day-to-day management of your property, such as collecting and processing rent, communicating with tenants, coordinating repairs, and responding to emergency maintenance calls.

Tenant Placement Fee – Amount due when a tenant has been found, has signed a lease, has paid the security deposit, and has taken possession of the property.

Tenant Broker/Co-op Fee – Amount that we pay the agent representing the Tenant.  We pay within 15 days of Tenant taking possession of the property. 

 Property Evaluations – Today’s residents are more demanding; therefore, it is critical to the success of your property that it is in top-notch condition. A property is more likely to lease if it has quality curb appeal to a prospective resident, is clean, and is as modern as possible.  Properties that are not market-ready will sit unleased.  

Professional Rent Assessment – Evaluate the property.  Offer recommendations on repairs and cosmetic improvements to maximize monthly rent.  Determine an accurate rental rate based on rental data for comparable properties in the area to maximize rental rate and minimalize vacancy. 

Extensive Advertising Marketing Plan including video tour – Our advertising plan includes online    resources such as listing on local Realtor Association MLS so that all area Realtors can help find the most qualified tenant. These listings go to the association’s numerous internet advertising partners.  We promote your property on our website that feeds to approximately 100 of the most popular search sites on the internet. We use yard signs where allowed and provide a lockbox on the property to provide agents with access for 


Quality Property Photos – Digital photographs taken to depict the property for marketing accurately.

Video Property Tour – Video walkthrough flows through property to give the prospective tenant a preview of the property. 

360 video tour – A 360º virtual tour allows potential residents to walk-through your property at any time of day from any place in the world.  

Finding and Screening Qualified Tenants – We use in-house and external Texas licensed real estate agents to show our properties and pay better than average Tenant Broker Co-op fees.  Our online application process explains our qualification guidelines, collects information and verifies employment, income, previous landlord references, produces a credit report, and checks for criminal history.

Screening All Animals – All animals, including service and emotional support animals, are screened by an independent 3rd party service to ensure that we have all of the proper documentation required to confirm the status of the animal.

Comprehensive Owner Updates During Marketing – We understand that owners may become anxious when their property is on the market and pledge to give you weekly status updates. 

Full Legal Compliance – Our leasing agents and property managers are Texas licensed professionals that conduct their activities in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.  We abide by the National Association of Residential Property Managers and the National and Texas Association of Realtors Code of Ethics. We use the Texas Association of Realtors Residential Lease forms to ensure full legal compliance.  We also use experts on local and state property codes regarding residential tenancies to ensure that your property will comply with property codes.

Lease Preparation with Electronic Lease signing – We use the court-tested Texas Association of Realtors Residential Lease forms.  Leases will be signed electronically, and all parties will get a PDF copy for their records. 

Rent Collection- Most tenants pay online to comply with our policies and standards.  Rent is due on the 1st, late on the 4th, notice to vacate is mailed on the 10th.

Convenient Rent Payments Options – Tenant can pay by mail, in person at the office, at our night drop box, or online at no additional cost.

Direct Deposit of Rental Proceeds – On or about the 15th (depending upon weekends and banking holidays) of each month, we will deposit your rental proceeds in your designated bank account. 

Property accounting and reporting – Monthly statements with copies of invoices are sent to you in your Owner Portal and available for your review online.

Detailed monthly statements, annual reports, and IRS compliant reporting – We have in-house accounting to handle accounting and reporting functions.  We use AppFolio property management software to document transactions and produce IRS compliant reports at no additional cost.  

Owner Online Portal Access – Owners can access their online owner portal 24/7, where they can review published income, expense, and other reports and make owner contributions if needed.

Tenant Online Portal Access – Tenants can pay rent at no extra charge, request needed maintenance, and view their financial ledger online at any time.   

Property Maintenance – We have vetted numerous vendors, suppliers, and contractors to make sure they provided good quality work at reasonable prices.  We do not mark up vendor invoices; we bill you what we paid for the work done. 

Coordinate Property Improvements –  Coordinate property make ready, upgrades, and replacement of major appliances, water heaters, HVAC systems, flooring, and painting.

Utility Coordination – We will turn on and turn off utilities as needed between tenants.  We also provide a concierge service for tenants to help them get the utilities on at their new home. 

24/7 Emergency Hotline – Tenants can report repair needs through the tenant’s online portal for non-emergency calls.  We are on call 24/7/365 for emergencies to promptly answer calls and dispatch qualified vendors.

HVAC Filter Program – This program (paid for by tenant) provides a new A/C filter delivered bi-monthly to the property’s front door with installation instructions.  It makes it easy for the tenant to remember to change filters and cuts down on energy costs and helps the equipment last longer.

$100,000 Tenant Liability Insurance – Coverage is required in the amount of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) for damage to both Landlord’s and third parties’ property with the provisions covering at least the perils of fire, smoke, explosion, accidental water discharge, and sewer backup.

Eviction Process Handling – We represent you in court for non-payment of rent but seldom actually go to court. Complicate evictions or eviction for reasons other than non-payment need to be handled by an attorney.  We will work with your attorney to help you win your suit.

Tenant Move-Out and Security Disposition – Once the tenant is out, we visit the property to document conditions that are the result of tenant damage or that exceed normal wear.  The cost to rectify these conditions is charged back to the tenant and deducted from the deposit. We send a Security Deposit Disposition letter and a deposit refund check.

Two-Step Lease Renewal –  $75 Property condition report and rental market analysis to ensure accurate market rates.  Negotiate a new rate and term, and create renewal documents $75. 

Move-In & Move-Out Property Condition Report – When the property is ready for the market, the property manager walks the property and prepares a report that photo documents the condition before the tenant moves in.  Once the tenant has moved out, we walk the property to photo document any tenant damage, normal wear and tear, needed upgrades, and to determine actions needed to make the property “Market Ready.”

Tenant Occupied Property Condition Report – Scheduled at approximately the 100th-day mark of a new lease to perform a safety and preventative maintenance survey to make certain there are no problems behind closed doors.  We photo document issues such as a lease or HOA/code violations, unreported pets/occupants, or maintenance needs, etc. to be able to take corrective action.

Home Warranty coordination fee – Coordinate and facilitate Home Warranty repairs.

Insurance Claim Handling/Oversight Fee – Coordinate and facilitate access for insurance claim representative and repair contractors and check and report work progress. 

Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not satisfied with our services, and we can’t make it right for you, you can cancel our management agreement without penalty during the first 90 days of the initial contract.

Lease Fee Guarantee:  If a tenant we place in your property moves out before the end of their initial 12 months lease, you will never pay two full leasing fees, we will reduce and prorate the leasing fee. *Does not apply to the termination of the lease with military orders, early termination when the tenant pays for all the fees to rerent the property or other valid provisions in the lease. 

Eviction Guarantee – If we must evict a tenant that we placed for non-payment of rent, we will pay the court filing fees, represent you in court at no cost, and oversee the eviction process.

Response Guarantee – If a property owner calls, texts, or emails us, we will respond within 24 business hours, or we will waive that month’s management fee.