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Quality Rental Management in Austin, TX

Is high tenant turnover hurting your bottom line? Is managing your Austin property taking too much time that you could better utilize elsewhere? Do you simply want to maximize the rental income you get from your Austin rental property?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, Bigham & Associates has you covered. We are a full service property management company who have been in business for more than 30 years. During this time, we have been able to build a strong reputation thanks to our expertise, hands-on service, and cutting-edge property management services.

Bigham & Associates offers a full range of property management services tailored to meet all your Austin property’s needs.

With our full service company, Austin property management has never been so simple!

If you want our help, you can contact us by calling us at (512)339-8112 or by sending us an email at Let our company do the heavy lifting for you!

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Our Austin Property Management Services

By hiring us, you can rest easy knowing your Austin properties are in the hands of property management professionals. With our help, watch your stress decrease and your ROI increase!

We are associated with professional organizations such as NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers), Realtor, Equal Housing Opportunity, Better Business Bureau, Austin Board of Realtors, and Texas Association of Realtors. We were also recently named the BEST property management company in Round Rock, TX in 2020 by PropertyManagement.Com.

The following are the Austin property management services you can expect from us.

1. On-Time Property Maintenance

We have a team of reliable and professional contractors and vendors. They are honest, cost-effective, reliable and provide high-quality work. In addition, we’ll take care of your Austin rental properties as if they were our very own, therefore ensuring your unit always stays in great condition.

We’ll quickly respond to tenant maintenance requests and also conduct regular inspections. By doing so, we can ensure your Austin property adheres to Texas habitability laws and keeping tenants happy.

After all, a happy tenant means a successful rental operation!

2. Efficient Rent Collection

You’ll also no longer have to worry about late and/or missing rent payments. We have a skilled and experienced team that can help handle any situation professionally and in accordance with all relevant Texas landlord-tenant laws.

As a result, our clients get regular and consistent rental income. Our accountants will handle the collection for your unit to ensure you get paid on time, every time.

3. Marketing Your Rental Property to the Right Audience

Having vacant properties is frustrating, because it means zero income at the end of the month. At Bigham & Associates, we understand this frustration. Therefore, we will use every tactic in the book to make sure your Austin properties get a tenant as quickly as possible.

To help make that happen, we will use both offline and online platforms. For example, offline marketing tactics include newspaper ads, word of mouth marketing and placing “For Rent” signs in strategic locations.

In addition, online tactics include social media promotion and listing on top rental listing sites like Zillow and Trulia.

Depending on the location and rental property type, we can normally rent your Austin properties in a matter of weeks after hiring us. For the exact estimate, please get in touch with us.

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4. Renting to High-Quality Tenants

An important step of Austin property management is to find the best quality tenants to occupy your units. Bigham & Associates can help you find and rent to high-quality tenants. High-quality tenants are those that are low-maintenance, responsible, and loyal. As a result, they pay rent on time, rent longer, put less wear and tear on the unit and usually cause fewer issues.

We are able to accomplish this by screening every prospective tenant thoroughly. Our screening process involves:

  • Requesting an application form. In this, we consider information such as income level, current and previous employers and landlord references.
  • Running a credit check. This helps us know the financial status of a prospective tenant.
  • Contacting the tenant’s employer. This helps us verify that the tenant has a steady and reliable income source.
  • Contacting the previous landlords. We also want to learn a thing or two about the prospective tenant’s rental history.

We’ll then analyze the results and determine suitability. Our process is thorough and adheres to Texas Fair Housing laws.

5. Regular Financial Reporting

With this service, you’ll be able to get reports on how your properties are performing. For instance, some financial reports include the balance sheet, monthly income and expense statements, general ledgers, and accounts payable reports.

Moreover, we’ll update you on things like rental rates, property marketing and maintenance.

Further, the best part is that you’ll be able to find and access these reports via your own online portal. Your online postal will your “Owner’s Portal.”

About Austin, Tx

Austin Txis the county seat of Travis and the capital city of the state of Texas. As of the recent population census, the city is estimated to have 964,254 residents.

Thanks to its bustling cultural scene, affordable housing and warm weather, Austin Tx is routinely praised as one of the best places to live in the U.S. In fact, it took the #1 spot in this regard, according to a recent analysis of the 125 most populous metro areas by USNEWS.

You can find many employers in Austin. The biggest ones include Keller Williams Realty, Whole Foods Market, Accenture, AT&T, General Motors, U.S. Postal Service, Oracle Corp, and National Instruments.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Besides Austin, we offer our property management service in the areas of Round Rock, Manor, Hutto, Buda, Del Valle, Kyle, Cedar Park, Georgetown, and Pflugerville.

If you own a single-family, multi-family or commercial Austin property and would like Austin property management help, our company is here. Contact us today.