Manor Property Management

As a full-service property management company in Manor, Bigham & Associates, LLC has been providing our services to rental property investors and tenants for years.  As your property management partner, we are the liaison between owners and tenants, the professionals who ensure the smooth operation of your single family rental homes.  Unless it is an issue that could affect your monthly revenues, we will not bother you. However, we will protect your investment and help you increase the value of it while we are in charge of the daily operations of your property.

Let’s Get Started

We appreciate that you have considered giving Bigham & Associates.LLC the opportunity to manage your property.  We understand the importance of having the right property management company in Manor, TX as your partner.  Granted, investment property offers a great deal of income potential.  However, there are numerous demands that landlords encounter on a daily basis.  These demands are time consuming and require close attention to even the slightest details.

Our business is the management of property investments.  Our goal is to meet or exceed every client’s expectations where this is concerned so that they can focus on the more important in their lives.  With our property management company in Manor services, you’ll be assured of providing tenants with the quality rental housing they’ve been searching for.

What We Do For You

Bigham & Associates LLC offers the most comprehensive line of property management services in the greater Austin area. These services are based on our commitment to providing real estate investors and tenants with the best customer experience possible and a superior level of service in the process.  As our client, here is what you can expect from your property management company in Manor, TX services provider:

Rigorous Screening and Evaluation Process – We have extremely high standards when it comes to selecting a better quality tenant for your properties.  In order to lease one of your properties through our company, the applicant must pass our rigorous screening and evaluation process.  This process includes a thorough background and criminal check as well as checking their credit history.  Furthermore, we look at their past rental history and confirm their employment and income. This ensures that there are regular payments.

Consistent Rent Collection – In order to better facilitate the timely collection of rents, our company utilizes the most advanced software applications in the industry today.  

Cost-Effective Repairs and Regular Maintenance – When tenants make a request for repairs or regular maintenance, Bigham Associates will respond promptly and inform them as to when they can expect the task to be completed.  We don’t deliver empty promises.  That is why there is a 24/7 emergency contact number available.  Tenants can also make their requests online.  One way or the other, we will handle all repairs as prescribed in your agreement with property management service in Manor, TX. And we’ll ensure that everything is done properly and professionally so that it lasts for a long time.

Move-Out Management – Once a tenant has moved out, we compile an analysis of the local rental market to ensure that your monthly rate is in line with similar properties in this region of Texas.  As your property management company partner in Manor, we will begin advertising and marketing your rental property once we know it is ready for a new tenant.  After a thorough walk-through and a comparison of the move-out to the move-in condition, we will address their security deposit and determine how much of it to return.

Comprehensive Management Reports – Our property management software enables us to provide our clients with monthly reports and statements regarding their property’s expenses and income.  These monthly reports are available on line through your Owner’s Portal for reference at any time.  At the end of the year, we send a 1099 form and a comprehensive income and expense report that will help you when filing your taxes.

For more information regarding our property management or tenant leasing services, please contact Bigham & Associates and speak with one of our representatives. We will be happy to answer your queries and provide you more information about the quality services that we offer. Call us today to discuss your requirements.