The Best Ways to Communicate With Tenants: Email, Text or Call?

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The best ways to communicate with tenants: email, text, or call

When it comes to managing a property and developing positive working relationships with tenants, communication is essential. It’s critical to have several effective communication channels for the landlord and the tenant, whether it’s to talk about a maintenance issue, a tenant complaint, arrange a tour, or provide an update on rent payment. 

In this article, we at Bigham & Associates, LLC, will discuss the best ways to contact tenants, including calls, texts, and emails. 


People now frequently and conveniently connect via text messages. It’s quick, easy, and accessible from any device. When a prompt response is required, or you are a long-distance landlord in another time zone, texting is a particularly effective method for property managers to contact tenants.

Benefits of Texting

  • Immediate response: Text messages provide for immediate reaction, which cuts down on time needed to solve a problem or get crucial information.
  • Convenience: Even while they are not at home, tenants can reply to SMS messages.
  • Record-keeping: Text messages provide a written record that might help resolve arguments.
  • Cost-effective: Since texting doesn’t need specialized hardware or software, it is a cost-effective method of getting tenants’ attention.
  • Increased reach: Property owners can use text messages to reach tenants who might not routinely check their email or be unable to access the internet.

Reasons to Text Your Tenants

  • Maintenance requests: Texting makes it simple and quick to communicate requests for maintenance, which shortens response times and guarantees swift resolution.
  • Rent reminders: Texting tenants is an easy way to remind them to pay their rent. This ensures on-time payment and lowers the chance of missed payments.
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  • Notices of lease renewal: Dates can be sent to renters by text, which is a quick and convenient option to ensure timely renewal. Communication about a lease renewal through text is a great place to start. 
  • Moving information: Dates about moving in or out can be easily communicated by text, which prevents confusion and guarantees a smooth transition.
  • Urgent updates or alerts: Texting enables effective and speedy delivery of urgent updates or notifications to renters in emergency situations.


Another efficient method for property owners to contact tenants is through phone calls. Compared to an email or text message, a phone conversation enables real-time communication and can provide a more personal touch.

Benefits of Calling

  • Relationships: Phone calls can facilitate the development of relationships with tenants. Phone calls can foster a deeper relationship between the property management and the tenant which can boost involvement.
  • Instant response: Calls from tenants allow for immediate feedback, allowing problems to be solved quickly.
  • Real-time communication: Phone conversations provide you with the chance to talk to someone right away and give you the opportunity to ask questions and get responses immediately.
  • Better understanding: Phone calls can help to clarify the problem because the landlord and tenant can communicate their questions right away and get additional information from each other.

Reasons to Call Your Tenants

  • Scheduling maintenance or repair work: Direct communication is key to planning and arranging maintenance or repair work, which helps to ensure a smooth operation. A real-time discussion of any information or inquiries can help to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes.
 someone at a desk using a computer and talking on the phone
  • Renewals of leases: Calling tenants to discuss lease renewals enables intimate and thorough discussions, ensuring that all parties know the renewal’s terms and conditions.
  • Rent collection: Calling directly is a helpful strategy for addressing any concerns with rent collection. It facilitates effective communication and fosters a shared sense of responsibility for both parties.
  • Lease Violations: Calling renters to discuss lease violations enables rapid and transparent dialogue, preventing misunderstandings or miscommunications. This makes it possible for both parties to understand the problem and collaborate toward a solution.
  • Updates or problems that require immediate attention: In an emergency, calling renters can quickly and efficiently deliver important news or updates. This makes it possible to communicate with tenants directly and personally, ensuring they promptly get the information they require.


Property managers can effectively connect with tenants by using email. It’s a time and money-saving method of informing tenants of anything that involves extensive information or rental documents.

Benefits of Emailing

  • Convenient: Emails are accessible at any time and from any location, so long as internet connection is available, making it simple for tenants to get information.
  • Keeping a record: Emails give the dialogue a written record that might be helpful for remembering details or resolving arguments.
  • Expanded reach: Emails can reach tenants who might not have access to a phone or who might not routinely check their text messages.
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  • Cost-effective: Email doesn’t require specialized hardware or software, so it is a cost-effective method of getting in touch with tenants.

Reasons to Email Your Tenants

  • Monthly and annual statements: Rent statements can be sent to tenants through email on a monthly or annual basis, giving them a clear and easily accessible record of their payments and transactions. 
  • Leasing contracts or agreements: Emailing leasing contracts or agreements enables tenants to see and comprehend their lease terms before signing. This helps to make sure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Information on moving in or out: Providing tenants with move-in or move-out information, including inspections, via email enables a seamless and coordinated procedure. Additionally, it gives tenants a written record of the information and guidelines.
  • Information about events or updates in the community: Emailing tenants about events or updates keeps them informed and involved. This could promote a friendly and encouraging communal atmosphere.
  • Information about property maintenance: Emailing tenants about property upkeep keeps them informed about the state and maintenance of the property


Good tenant communication is a critical component of property management. Every kind of communication has advantages and conditions in which it is appropriate. Calling is better for direct, instant communication. Email is wonderful for giving extensive information or documents. Texting is quick and easy for sending urgent updates or notifications. 

We at Bigham & Associates, LLC are committed to assisting our clients in locating the most suitable communication channels for their needs. We recognize the value of successful communication. Our clients and tenants can be assured that they will always have effective contact with us via phone, text, or email.