Signs of Pest Activity in Your Rental Property

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Signs of Pest Activity in Your Rental Property

Whether you’re a renter or landlord, you want your home to be a clean, safe place to live. Pests can get in the way of that. Pests, both big and small, can cause sanitary issues and even permanently damage your property. It’s important to recognize the tell-tale signs of pest activity. Early recognition will help prevent large-scale problems in the future.

Signs of Pest Activity

1. Piles of Dust and Wood Shavings

If you see piles of what looks like dust and wood shavings, it’s probably from pests gnawing through walls in the home. Carpenter ants, carpenter bees, rodents, or termites are the most likely culprits. All four of these critters are known to tunnel their way into structural foundations. Unfortunately, the damage they cause is often extensive and requires extensive repair efforts. As soon as you notice this sign, it’s time to call the professionals.

2. Droppings

Droppings are a sure indication of pest activity. They can be small or large, depending on what type of creature is inside the home. Regardless, droppings are usually easy to recognize. They usually look like short, skinny pellets and are some shade of brown. Some may look more yellow or gray, depending on how old they are.

If you see droppings, clean them up right away. It’s best to avoid touching them as some feces, such as those from mice or rats, can contain harmful bacteria. After cleaning, be sure to sanitize the affected area.

3. Chewed Up Structures and Food Containers

Humans chew gum; pests chew your baseboards and oatmeal containers. Like humans, pests want food and water. Some have the instinct to gnaw and chew at whatever they come in contact with. If you see this in your home, mice or rats are probably to blame. These pests chew through things with their strong incisor teeth. To prevent this from happening, seal cracks or holes in your home, cover food and keep them off the ground.

chewed up things are a sign of pest activity

4. Black Dots on Mattresses

Black dots on your mattress is a sign of bed bugs. Bed bugs are nothing to take lightly. If you see black spots on your mattress, they’re likely dried blood left behind from the bed bugs. You may notice small bites on your body as well. These pests spread from room to room and house to house very easily. It’s important to seek action as soon as you think there may be bed bugs in your home.

5. Strange Noises

Pests can hide anywhere in a house, including in the walls. If you have sneaky pests in your midst, it’s not uncommon to hear scratching, pounding, gnawing, or clanging sounds. Of course, there could be other explanations for the strange noises. After investigation, if you notice other evidence of pests or can’t find another explanation for the noises, alert your landlord or a pest professional.

6. Damaged Plants

Damaged plants, whether inside or outside, are an indication of pests. This isn’t always an alarming event since pests live outside, but you should be aware if they’re harming your garden or breaching your home.

7. Desecrated Fabric

Bugs like to hide wherever they can. Piles of clothes or linen on the floor are perfect places for them to go. While they’re making themselves at home in your belongings, the pests will often bite through them, and you may even find waste stains.

8. Bad Smells

Pest waste creates a foul stench, especially if it seeps into wood or carpet. You may notice a faint smell that gradually gets worse. Sometimes, if you search the property, you can find the source of the smell.

bad smells are a sign of pest activity

Dead rodents also cause foul odors. These produce a smell even more rotten and pronounced than waste does. Sometimes it can be hard to access the dead mouse or rat because they often die in cramped and secluded areas. A professional will be able to find and access the dead rodent much easier.

9. Itchy Pets

Fleas and ticks gravitate toward dogs and cats since they’re often outside. An itchy pet could be a sign of ticks or fleas. To prevent ticks and fleas from getting inside, check your animals for small bugs before they enter the house. If the pests have already spread, it may be time for an indoor tick and flea treatment.

10. Damaged Wiring

Take wire damages seriously. It can cause electrical shortages and potentially dangerous events. Rodents will gnaw on anything in their path, including wiring. If you see damaged wiring, it’s important to get help immediately.

By keeping an eye out for these 10 signs of pest activity, you can stop problems before they get worse. If you’re a renter, contact your landlord to inform them of what you see. Landlords should investigate the problem and reach out to a trusted pest professional to eradicate the issue.

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